Developmental 'red lights' for babies 0-3 months

We are all aware of the fact that baby development (among with the developmental milestones – motor as well cognitive) does not always unfold in a perfect, linear way! (Without a doubt)!

Although every baby develops at its own pace – there are certain markers or developmental red lights that we (specialists) might notice – and might lead to possible developmental concerns.

Below are some very common developmental ‘red lights’ as we call them that will help you understand your baby’s possible delays in reaching each milestone.

If you sense anything that is mentioned below – please contact us and we will be able to help you understand your baby better and guide you and your baby towards optimal development by reaching each milestone at his pace and needs.



Remember - to never force the baby towards ‘unhealthy’ development.

1st – Always observe

2nd – Always guide

3rd – Always reach out for milestone in a natural / healthy way


By (always) educating yourself and know what are the right tools and how to use them to help your baby find his own potential and be aware of possible ‘red lights’.

- Feeding difficulties, especially when accompanied by irritability

- Preferring to turn head to one side more than the other

- Showing a strong preference for a specific posture or position, seldom moving out of a specific position (e.g. head tilted to one side, head turned to one side, arched back, or back arched to the side)

- Flattening of the back or side of head

- Decreased movement on one side of body compared to the other

- Excessive arching of back/body, or excessive stiffness or floppiness

- Significant birth history (trauma, medical complications at birth)

Please be aware: During the second month, babies’ movements are marked with increased asymmetry.  Because of this, it can be challenging to discern subtle motor problems at this age.  Pay close attention to strong movement preferences, noticeable stiffness or “floppiness”, and head shape.


And remember, babies are born with a desire to move!

Contact us to get a personalized activity plan for your baby from birth!

Saška x

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