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Exclusive online training for parents of a newborn baby


'We teach parents about how babies develop, not how to be a parent.'

Arrival of the newborn!

Ready or do you have a lot more questions that you need to answer?


Each and every mother, especially the mother of a firstborn, wants to be as ready as possible for the arrival of a new family member. The day when the mother and the newborn arrive home from the maternity hospital marks the beginning of a brand new era – an era in which the parents are no longer alone but have a little bundle in front of them that they want to take care of in the best possible way. 

Despite our intention to take care of the newborn as best as possible, we intentionally or unintentionally find ourselves in a situation in which we do not know exactly what is and what is not good for the newborn, what it needs and does not need.

You may have already or may still find yourself in a situation in which the baby is crying and you don't know why. You think you have given the baby everything it needs but it is still crying. The reason might lie in the incorrect handling or wrong patterns that you knowingly or unknowingly pass on to the baby because you are intimately convinced that they are correct, even though this may not be so!

It is for this reason that we have prepared this exclusive training for you, where Saška H. Kuhar will present you with the basic techniques of handling a newborn, lifting a baby, carrying it, encouraging burping, using a shell in the car and many other things that a mother needs to know and internalize to ensure the baby's well-being and health.

Above all, through this training you will learn all the important elements for the optimal development of the baby's motor and cognitive skills, which are at the very beginning crucial for the healthy development of the baby in the subsequent stages of its life.

Enter a wonderful era with the baby confident and fully prepared!


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