online individual session


Individual online developmental session for a baby's parents with the Author of the program - Saška H.Kuhar


'We teach parents about how babies develop, not how to be a parent.'

Movement is from birth onwards one of the main factors in the development of both motor and cognitive processes.

Is your baby hypotonic?

Does your baby appear to be 'lazy'?

Is your baby to stiff?

Does your baby gaze too much in one direction?

Is your baby reluctant to spend time on its tummy?

Is your baby crying when you put it on the floor?

If you answered 'yes' to at least one question, then it is time to get in touch with us.



We are the only provider of private motor - developmental (online and in-person) practice and we eliminate the causes of passive motor limitations, not their consequences.


What we specialize in?

Working with newborns and babies at the time of automated reflexes. 


Private motor - developmental practise through individual online sessions is lead by

The Author of Baby Functional Movement and Master Trainer of the Professional Education Programme - Saška H.Kuhar 

in the brain necessary for a
healthy cognitive development

baby motor

YOU LEARN to encourage an optimal and holistic baby development


GOT A QUESTION? TALK TO saska directly!



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