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Want to advance your nanny business?




Join our exclusive online training program, become a certified Baby Functional Movement (cINT/BFM) practitioner nanny and add a lifelong value to your work, to the family and the baby you care about.

Take our Professional Baby Functional Movement Nanny training as stepping stone rewarding work in the home-based babycare industry.

'The professional Baby Functional Movement nanny training will broaden your knowledge about the important role body systems play - to ensure optimal integration of motor and cognitive developmental movements are efficiently used and functional at all times.'


Are you?


- A professional nanny working with babies within the first year?

- Professional nanny wishing to advance the knowlede in the motor and cognitive development of the baby?

- Professional nanny looking for additional knowledge beside caring for the baby?

- Professional nanny looking to learn how to optimize baby's development by deepening the skills in functional handling?

- Professional nanny wishing to add value to existing clients?

- Etc.


Then this if for you



✔ With our cINT/BFM Practitioner Training we offer you the best solution to advance your professional needs!

With understanding our revolutionary approach you will be prepared to begin integrating Baby Functional Movement method into your professional practice and help families and mothers with babies and parents around the globe.

Join our exclusive Baby Functional Movement nanny traininggain additional in - depth knowledge of the baby's physical development and become on of the first internationally recognised and certified nanny practitioners.





or read more about the nanny training



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