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Who is it intended for?


Basic education L1 (level 1) - cINT/BFM is intended for professional baby nannies or individuals who are interested in acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the baby’s motor development in the first year of its life and for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of optimal holistic baby development (both physical and cognitive).  


Through a unique and quite intense training you will be guided by Saška H. Kuhar, Author of the International Baby Functional Movement program in Slovenia and Worldwide.

During this exclusive training - Saška H.Kuhar will show you the important milestones in the baby's first year through the theory of baby motor and cognitive development as well as through practical examples.


And the best thing is - you won't even have to travel anywhere as the whole program can be completed online with personalised support and own online login materials and assignments to support the methods behind the Baby Functional Movement program.


Pre - requisites for joining the training (entry level)


Nanny qualification is required and must be at least 18 years old.


The benefits


By gaining deeper insights into the motor and cognitive skills development, you will contribute to a more optimal progress of the baby; what is more, with the right information and training you will contribute to the awareness of the importance of the baby's motor and cognitive skills.


Training includes:


✔ Expert lectures on the comprehensive theory of baby motor and cognitive development accoring to the Baby Functional Movement program

✔ Professional materials

✔ Personal login to online educational learning system

✔ In- depth educational discussions on foundations of the baby development from birth

✔ Video presentations

✔ Assignments and additional learning work

✔ Practical individual work 

✔ Practical discussions with the Author

✔ Case studies

✔ Final examination and certification



Baby Functional Movement nanny training ensures that you receive the most comprehensive education possible - to optimize your career as a professional nanny with advenced knowledge in BFM method.


Baby Functional Movement is your source for the best quality online training for baby's optimal motor and cognitive skills within the first 12 months after birth.


With unbeatable professionalism from the Author of the program, decades of experiences and training practitioners worldwide - we are here to highly prepare you for a nanny role and mainly prepare you for unerstanding the development of the baby from birth and therefore help parents and families around the globe - to optimally guide their baby towards healthy development beside caring.


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